Karen Champions


Student Achievement, Success and Equity:  I’ll advocate for increasing student services for our most vulnerable students, including early engagement, mentoring, tutoring, mental health and advising programs—all of which help our students reach their goals and become prepared for College and Careers.

Expanding High School and Peralta Partnerships:  I’ll work to expand college options to high school students, which allow high school students to begin their college work or career development while in high school so that when they graduate they are better prepared—saving time and money on their way to a four-year degree or careers.

Safe Campus sites free from sexual assault or harassment:  I’ll continue my advocacy to ensure ALL students are safe while on campus.  Sexual assault on college campuses is a growing issue, as 1 in 5 young women will be assaulted.  It is an important issue for the LGBTQ community.

Recruiting and retaining outstanding Faculty and College staff:  I am so honored to receive the endorsement of the Peralta Federation of Teachers, and will focus my efforts on retaining the teaching staff who are working so hard to prepare future generations of leaders.

Good governance is shared and transparent governance:  As a trustee, I will be a champion of community engagement, excelling in two way communication, and will work to represent all sectors. We must listen and bring to the District community concerns and ideas, while we inform the public of key issues at Peralta. Lastly, it is important, that trustees find a way to evaluate themselves and the Board's functioning.



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